What Is Bodybuilding? How It is Important in Our Life?

Origin of BodyBuilding

When we think about some kind of exercise, health, and fitness .it is likely that BodyBuilding is important to take this into an account. Exercise is a part of every man and woman lifestyle. Lifting things up and down is a natural to human beings as walking or running. People of ancient time realize that strength of muscles depends on lifting heavy weight. Thus the idea of weightlifting was originated.

What is BodyBuilding?

BodyBuilding is a technical kind of sports, which gives excellent coordination, flexibility, balance, speed, and strength. It is a barbell sport in the Olympic programmed. It is also known as Olympic style weightlifting. Olympic weightlifting involves competition consisting of two barbell lifts. The snatch, clean and jerk.

Event in BodyBuilding

There are two events involve in BodyBuilding

The Snatch

The first event in the weightlifting is known as Snatch.

Snatch word comes from the French word “arrache” which means to seize something suddenly. In this event the lift is done with tremendous power and speed, the bar is lifted from the floor to arm’s length overhead in one fluid motion, and meet the tagged as fastest motion in sports.

Clean and jerk

The next event is known as clean and jerk. It is also called a second lift in BodyBuilding in which more can be lifted. In this event, the barbell lifted overhead in two different motions. The clean, which brings the bar to the shoulders, and the jerk, in which player raises the bar overhead.

Importance of weight lifting

BodyBuilding plays important role in our daily life. This kind of activities provides additional benefits which are not found in aerobic activity.

  • It increases bone density
  • Strengthening the muscles (maintain muscle mass).
  • It also increases your physical work capacity.
  • It promotes fat-free body mass with decreasing sarcopenia.
  • It provides the strong relationship among muscles, connective tissues, and tendons.
  • It also helps in managing the weight
  • It gives lots of confidence.

Why should we do weightlifting?

It is a key component of overall fitness and health for everyone. It burns calories more efficiently. Stronger muscles also improve your posture and keep your body in balance. It also increases your metabolism. BodyBuilding gives shape to the body and gives confidence to the person. It makes a person healthy and more active in their daily routine. Physical effects of aging can also be slow down or even reversed with it. Chances of heart diseases also reduced. All exercise promote good posture, so it is also an exercise for reduce lean body mass.


The exercise will never hurt you otherwise improper form causes injury. BodyBuilding provides strong and healthy muscles.